Saturday, 19 December 2015

Exploring iOS 9 Hidden Features

What is iOS?

iOS is Apple’s operating system used in its handheld devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. It was formerly called iPhone iOS which was changed with launch of iPad.

iOS uses multi-touch interface which operates with easy gestures that function the device. Apple app store contains over one million iOS applications that are available for Apple users.

iOS 9:

iOS 9 is the ninth edition in line to Apple’s operating system suite. The version was launched on September 16, 2015. This recent version was launched with some profound design changes, improved functionality, fast performance, and refined features.

Hidden Features of iOS 9:

iOS 9 is in demand for its outstanding features, but as we know that each Apple product is full of hidden surprises. Well, the same goes with iOS 9 as it also has some very amazing hidden features that Apple users need to know to take optimum benefit. Exploring these features can prove like adding a feather to the cap. Take a look at few of them:

Hide Photos: iPhone has a great camera quality and capturing moments with it can’t be missed, but it isn’t necessary that one wishes to share every photograph. iOS values the privacy of users and with ‘Hide Photos’ feature it resolves the issue. All you need to do is just open the camera roll, select the photos to be hidden, open share sheet by tapping on the button at bottom left corner, and finally select hide.  

Closing Photos using Shortcut: iOS 9 saves its users from scrolling finger from bottom of screen to top of it in order to return. A simple swipe down option on the opened photo can assist to reach the camera roll.

Hidden Battery Widget: iOS 9 helps the users to add the battery widget at the bottom of ‘Today’ view available in Notification Center. For this, users have to tap ‘edit’ which will reveal the options to be added in ‘Today’ list.

Change Keyboard Caps: iOS 9 has virtual keyboard keys that display upper and lower case fonts, automatically. However, there is an option to disable it by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Keyboard and turning off ‘Show Lowercase Keys’ option.

Quick Currency Conversions and Calculator: iOS 9 gives instant answers to easily make conversions and perform calculations as the user types. It is more like a facility that Chrome browser users have.

Apple keeps on updating iOS with time and technological scenarios. Hence, being an iOS App Developer is the right choice and a formal training in the same can lend you a helping hand.

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