Friday, 15 January 2016

Explore the Potentials of STAAD.Pro

STAAD.Pro® is primarily used by Civil Engineers and assists them to develop and study the structures like tunnels, petrochemical plants, or bridges etc. STAAD.Pro® V8i, the latest version has made it much easier for the Civil Engineers to work on designs, as earlier they had to put lot of manual effort. With the help of STAAD.Pro®, Engineers are able to design more accurate products and deliver them in time to the clients.

STAAD.Pro® Potentials:

Flexible 2D/3D Environment

Changes have been made with introduction of STAAD.Pro® V8i Training, as now the users are able to use a revolutionized version of spreadsheets, input language editor, and 3D CAD graphical modeler. Tutorials have also been introduced with numerous verification examples that can even aid a beginner to use STAAD.Pro®.

Quality Assurance

STAAD.Pro® has passed the quality assurance tests and has been approved under ISO 9001 Certification tests. This test has approved the software and validates it as per the needs of the nuclear industry and approves to be the best stringent software.

Creates Finite Element Meshes

STAAD.Pro® efficiently creates geometry of finite elements of complex objects along with optimization of finite elements by using various shapes of plates depending upon analysis requirements.

Create Load Designs and Combinations

It helps to calculate the load using the loading parameters on the basis of mass, structural geometry, and combining the building load provisions. These load cases are further combined with gravity and other load types by using load combination generators.


STAAD.Pro® is known for its extreme accuracy in designing 3D linear structures and analysis of P-Delta multi-material designs.

Technical Support by Engineers

STAAD.Pro® users can always access dynamic site to get technical support whenever they feel stuck in their projects, as STAAD.Pro® offers tips and tricks for the users around world.

Share the Design Models

Structural designs, information and drawings can be shared with other team members for reviewing purposes. Changes can also be synchronized that are made time to time as the project proceeds.

With the advancement in technology, companies also need the professionals who are well-versed with the updated knowledge of the software in order to bring down the project costs. Hence, gaining knowledge about report generation, seismology, design codes etc. can be made easier through a formal training of STAAD.Pro®

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