Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Top 3 trends predicted for Business Intelligence in 2016

Business Intelligence is a set of processes that includes extracting the right information for implementing it in the right decision making process. BI aids the enterprises for converting the set of information into knowledge and further converting the driven knowledge into plans.

Business Intelligence is an enterprise-wide platform that assists in analysis, decision making & reporting and has emerged as one of the fastest moving technology. The current trends in BI display the hike in the integration of data and numerous enterprises are making use of various Business Intelligence tools.

Prediction of upcoming trends in Business Intelligence:

Business Intelligence has a futuristic approach that will lead the businesses towards success. The big brands who are already making best use of BI solutions have highlighted the top trends of MCSE Business Intelligence Training that will make it widely in demand solution in 2016. More and more enterprises have opened up the doors of data for their employees and this led people to see data as an important tool for retrieving the information. Some of the predictions of the trends in Business Intelligence are as follows:

  1. Advanced and Customized Visualisation: Data has changed the type of conversation in recent times like Board Rooms, conferences, or newsrooms by making it more visual. People now present data for sharing stories and exploring questions with the help of visualization. Visual Analytics will be in high demand by the employers, as they will need the candidates who can create the data with critical visualization skills.

2.    Data Integration turns exciting: Now the companies need agile analytics and they need the right data to be delivered to the right users. But, the data is stored at different places; however, in 2016 numerous new players are expected to enter the data integration field and will bring this data together for easy retrieval of information.

3.    Growth of Mobile Analytics: The field of Mobile Analytics has grown at a great hike in the past few years, especially in 2015 the mobile users increased at a fast pace. Hence, growth in the usage of the mobility devices has also increased the scope BI in Mobile Analytics which will grow immensely in 2016.

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