Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Why to choose Cisco for Networking

Networking has become a need of every Enterprise, as a network helps companies to share and store data that is easily accessible. Earlier when companies did not use networking benefits, they had to face innumerable issues which made them learn some hard lessons. This gave rise to the need of saving the data and sharing it over a network and this was made easier by the Networking Giant ‘Cisco.’

As per the recent trends, it has been seen that now companies are investing money for improving their network infrastructure. The prime focus of companies is to invest on the network that can give fruitful results and help them in achieving the growth targets.

Cisco: The best choice for networking
Cisco is considered as one of the best network solution providers, which has eventually changed the technology. Cisco has been demonstrating financial stability; dedication of providing optimum services to the customers, and commitment of continual innovation. Let’s get an insight into these aspects:

Financial Stability

>> Cisco was started in 1984 as a small organization, and now it has expanded itself as a well-known networking leader, globally. This has been made possible due to its good financial base.

>> With initial revenue of $27 million, Cisco had three products and 111 employees in 1984. Today, Cisco has more than 50,000 employees across the globe.

>> At 332nd position, Cisco was listed amongst Fortune 500 companies in 1997. However, now it has risen up to the 83rd rank. It is also listed on 2nd position in the list of companies providing Network and Communication services.

Commitment to Innovate

>> Cisco has been following the innovative approach always and gained reputation in market. It follows the strategy of ‘build, partner, and acquire.’

>> It owns a large pool of talented Engineers who develop products by applying their expertise. The company invests on the Engineers working in 1100 labs around the world, who keep on developing the range of new products and innovative technology.

>> Involving new partners is also a part of Cisco’s innovative thinking. It has involved with new partners at various phases of its product and technology development lifecycle; and thereby offers robust IT solutions to businesses worldwide.

Dedication to Customers

>> Cisco constantly focuses on giving the best services to its customers. Hence, it has been regularly monitoring and measuring its customer satisfaction graph since 1996.

>> It provides online support and on-call live support to solve the issues of its customers. Cisco has five technical assistance centers (TACs) that are open 24*7 and over 1300 support Engineers are working at these assistance centers to provide technical guidance to the customers.

>> Cisco has also launched a wide range of Routers and Switches that have helped its customers in making the networking tasks easier.

Cisco has gained lot of fame and is preferred by innumerable companies as their first choice for networking purposes. Routers and Switches are one of the most widely used devices introduced by Cisco and the Engineers who know well about the concepts of Routers and Switches are preferred more in organizations. To have a deep knowledge about the concepts, aspirants may join a formal training program and open the box of lucrative opportunities for them.

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