Saturday, 22 July 2017

Learn how to utilize Python and its tools for Data Analysis

Python is a very easy to understand, yet very powerful programming language that is used for different applications. With the passing time, Python has been upgraded and a number of tools have been created that allows the user to efficiently work with it. A Python online training can explain you about these tools and how they have made analyzing data with Python so easier. The following are the topics that are covered under this training:

  • The Data Science: An Overview
  • Data Analytics Overview
  • Statistical Analysis and Business Applications
  • Python Environment Setup and Essentials
  • What is Mathematical Computing with Python (NumPy)?
  • The Scientific computing with Python (Scipy)
  • The Data Manipulation with Pandas
  • The Natural Language Processing with Scikit Learn
  • The Data Visualization in Python using matplotlib
  • Web Scraping with Beautiful Soup
  • Python integration with the Hadoop MapReduce and Spark

The aim of the Python training online is to provide a comprehensive understanding to individuals about how to use Python for data analysis. This training insight the candidates on how to install the required Python environment and other auxiliary tools and libraries. This training is considered beneficial for:
  • Analytics professionals, who want to work with Python
  • IT or software professionals, who are interested in pursuing a career in analytics
  • Graduates willing to build a career in Analytics and Data Science


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