Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A few things you should know about PMP online training before enrolling into one

At the present time, project management is considered amongst the topmost skills demanded by the company’s around the world. Both large and medium scale businesses in almost every industry are in constant need of proficient project managers. The PMP online training provides you the effective project management skills and helps you in proving your capability as a proficient project manager, through a certification.

What to expect from a good PMP online training?

A proper training in PMP prepares you to undertake the following tasks in your organization:

  • Understand the project framework and learn how to integrate different parts of projects
  • Determine how to define the scope of the project and develop schedules and WBS
  • Analyze the risk associated with the project
  • Manage stakeholder interest in the project
  • Secure acceptance and approval of deliverables at different stages of the project

Is there any prerequisite required for this training?

Yes, both training and certification in PMP requires the aspirant to have the following prerequisite:

  • A secondary-level degree / diploma
  • Minimum work experience of 5 years in project management with 7,500 hours in directing projects
  • 35 hours of education in project management
  • A 4 year or bachelor degree
  • At least 3 years of project management experience with 4,500 hours in leading projects
  • Project management education of 35 hours

So, enroll yourself in a good online PMP training to build the expertise to successfully complete, lead and direct projects.

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