Monday, 28 August 2017

Importance of CATIA online training in understanding this software better

Computer Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application or simply as you know CATIA, is a software created by Dassault Systems is a revolution in the field of engineering and product designing. The CATIA online training gives you a complete overview of this software and show you how it is utilized as a modeling tool, particularly in the automotive industry. 

Concentrating on the learning perspectives and strategies of CATIA, the online CATIA training offers you the opportunity to learn about this software, along with its benefits and usage too. As the software is widely utilized, getting trained on this can help the learners in grabbing better career opportunities in the field of mechanical engineering. The training also provides the learner the skills to:

  • Create designs using advanced modeling tools such as hole, fillets, shell, draft, chamfer and so on.
  • Edit designs and integrate features to form a solid model.
  • Execute conceptual and detailed tooling and engineering for products.
  • Adopt surface modeling techniques to create complex three-dimensional surface models for delivering attractive products.
  • Apply suitable parametric assembly constraints to the components assembled together.
  • Promote sheet metal design for intuitive and flexible user interface.

The online CATIA training covers the fundamental to advanced points of interest of the software. The training prepares the learners to utilize this software to its full potential and apply it into manufacturing industries such as automotive, machinery, plant design, aerospace, and many more.

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