Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Embedded Systems program plays a vital role in your career

Embedded Systems are becoming more pervasive, day by day. From mobile phones to automobiles, industrial equipment to high-end medical devices, home appliances, etc. Embedded systems certification courses are uniquely designed to provide a complete overview of embedded systems engineering and its applications. This course program is meant for students who are looking at starting their career in embedded systems and hence it gives a strong base of embedded c, before going into details of microcontroller architecture, programming and application environment. 

The objectives of this course program are:
  • Understanding C programming
  • Understanding Object Oriented Programming
  • Understanding OS, Data structures and Algorithms
  • Learning communications and network protocols
  • Understanding interrupts and timers
  • Understanding microcontroller architecture, and development environment
  • Programming the LCD, keyboards and seven segment displays
  • Understanding concept of Internet of things and embedded system applications
  • Understanding concept of serial communication and pulse width Modulation
  • Preparing for employment interviews

The benefits of embedded systems are for all intents and purposes boundless, in light of the fact that consistently new items are acquainted in the market that use embedded computers in novel ways. This embedded online course looks at embedded systems engineering as a synergistic function between hardware and software device design and development. Students learn the essential concepts of embedded systems development through a practical, hands-on approach utilizing relevant software with advanced embedded kits. This course is appropriate for:
  • Engineering Diplomas (Electronics, Telecom, IT)
  • Engineering Graduates (Electronics, Telecom, IT)

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