Sunday, 24 December 2017

Select Your CAD/CAM Training Courses to Enhance the Job Opportunity

CAD/CAM is a vast domain in respect of learning and providing a job. Nowadays engineering students especially who belong to Mechanical/Civil branch are very much interested in joining CAD/CAM industrial training. A lot of CAD/CAM courses are available online and offline that a candidate can join and move the first step towards being an expert in this domain. A well-managed course curriculum enhances the ability of the candidate and opens multiple opportunities in mechanical, automotive, construction and civil sectors.

Here is a list of some important software courses of CAD/CAM technology, running in the Multisoft Virtual Academy and their predictable candidates who can join this training:
  • STAAD.Pro® Online Course: The course is about to the developing and analyzing the designs of multiple structures like a big petrochemical plants, tunnels, bridges, etc. A candidates or industry employees who are willing to work as a project manager, structure designer, and quality analysts can join this course.
  • AutoCAD® 2D & 3D Online course:  This is related to the new software tools and techniques. An engineer, designer, and architect can join this course to enhance their designing ability. 
  • SolidWorks® Online Training:  Mechanical engineers and architects who can work on basic designing of solid can join this online course to enhance the 3D abilities. 
  • SP3D online Course: This course is the best fit for the engineering students. This course contains the learning of pipe designing or intends to start a career in this domain.

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