Tuesday, 23 January 2018

A Brief Introduction to CATIA Software & Its Use in Industry

CATIA stands for Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application. CATIA is the world’s leading Computer Aided Designing (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software suite. This software was developed by the French company, named: Dassault Systemes in the early 80’s. Though it was originally developed to cater to the needs of the aerospace industry, its usage became popular in the automotive industry as well with time as the newer versions arrived. Today, the use of CATIA can be seen in aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, industrial equipment, and consumer goods industry. Since its introduction, several versions of CATIA have arrived from CATIA V1 to V6. At present, mainly two versions of this software are in use across various industries, viz., V5 and V6.

Today, renowned manufacturing companies such as Airbus, Boeing, GE, and Alstom, are extensively making use of the CATIA software for product design and development. This software package has also helped the industrial designers in unleashing their creativity. Whether it is 3D ideation or 2D sketches, industrial designers can take advantage of this software tool in creating and manipulating designs and exhibiting their creative skills. Needless to say, capable CATIA software professionals are in high demand today.

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