Friday, 9 March 2018

Top 4 Key Benefits of Obtaining A CBAP Certification

CBAP is the short form of Certified Business Analysis Professional, which is a professional certification provided by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). This certification holds great value in the industry and is quite popular among the career aspirants. Following are the top four benefits of obtaining a CBAP certification for you:

Expanded Knowledge
While preparing for the CBAP exam, you will realize that your knowledge and cognitive ability is expanding. You will start to see things in a new perspective and new solutions to the old problems will begin to emerge in your mind. This is so because the complete course design of CBAP is such that it promotes out-of-the-box thinking and reasoning ability.

Development of Self-Discipline and Time-Management Skills
The CBAP curriculum and design is quite comprehensive. Passing this examination requires a lot of preparation, practice, and thorough understanding of concepts on the part of the aspirant. Thus, obtaining this certification provides a proof to the hiring companies of your knowledge, self-discipline, and effective time-management skills.

Learning the Language of Business Analysts
Explaining complex things in a simple language is really a valuable skill. When you are preparing for the CBAP certification exam, you have to understand many complex concepts, procedures, and techniques, and decode them in a simple way to grasp them. The certification demands thorough knowledge and not mere surface knowledge, otherwise you can’t clear the exam. This learning helps you later in your profession as a business analyst.

Financial Gain and Career Growth
In a survey conducted by IIBA itself, it has been found that CBAP certified candidates earn at least 15% higher than their non-certified peers. The certified candidates are also preferred for giving promotions and more important roles within the organization by the management.

The above benefits make the importance of CBAP certification quite evident. However, to obtain this certification, as said earlier, a lot of practice and thorough understanding of the concepts is necessary. The full-time students and working professionals who want to make a career in this field can opt for CBAP online training, which provides high flexibility to the learners in terms of deciding their time, place, and pace of study.

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