Wednesday, 20 June 2018

5 Worth Noting Career Benefits That A PMP Certification Can Offer You

In today’s competitive environment, securing a good job and achieving career growth are not easy tasks to accomplish. There is a stiff competition in the industry and the organizations are looking for the candidates who can prove to be an asset, rather than a liability. The incapable and under-skilled candidates can’t stand this competition. The professional certifications available today provide the best way to prove your capability to the prospective or current employer and grow professionally.Project Management Professional Certification or the PMP Certification is acclaimed and highly demanded professional certification in the job market. Many big organizations today give priority to the PMP certified candidates over the non-certified when hiring for the project manager profile. We have mentioned below the five worth noting career benefits that a PMP certification can offer you:

Better Employability and Career Growth

As a matter of fact, the PMP certification course is a globally recognized qualification, which enjoys good demand across industries. Many MNCs today are looking for PMP certified candidates to hold important roles in their organization. Also, the certified candidates get good growth and better recognition within the organization in comparison to their non-certified peers. 
Skill Development

The PMP certification comprises of a detailed curriculum that requires the candidates to undergo rigorous training. The candidates receive training in five important project management areas, viz., planning, initiation, implementation, monitoring and controlling, and finally concluding. This develops the management skills of the candidates.

Improved Marketability

A PMP certification, being a globally recognized certification, provides the candidates with access to the global employment opportunities. It legitimizes their experience as project managers and also promotes their marketability. Moreover, this certification helps in connecting with the global network of PMP professionals.

Increased Earning

Several industry surveys have revealed that the PMP certified candidates are paid handsomely in comparison to their non-certified peers. The candidates having a PMP certification can easily fetch at least 20% higher salary than others. Even a six-figure salary is not an unattainable thing for the certified project management professionals.

Improved Recognition within the Organization

Many PMP certified project managers have testified that their work efficiency and recognition within the organization have gone up in the post-certification period. Their voice is now heard better and they are taken seriously within the team and even a level above. This has not only increased their job satisfaction but has boosted their self-confidence considerably.
Besides those mentioned above, there are several other miscellaneous benefits of obtaining a PMP certification like enhanced credibility, better networking opportunities, language mastery, and adaptable knowledge, among others.
 The full-time students and working professionals who are looking to enter the project management field or to achieve growth in this field should go for the PMP certification training online without a second thought. The online PMP training offers unmatched flexibility and convenience to the learners in terms of deciding their own time, place, and pace of studies. They don’t have to change their routines in order to achieve this training. However, for such training to yield desired results, you must pursue it from a reputable institution.
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